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Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

UO-8021A/Upper Arm Automatic  Blood Pressure Monitor


Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is intended for use by medical professionalsorat home to monitoranddisplay diastolic,systolic blood pressureandpulse rate on adult each time
*Measurement Principle:Oscillography
*Cuff:Soft cuff
*Cuff size:470mmx130mm(+/-5mm)
*Measurable Wrist Circumference range: about 220~320mm
*Measurement Range:Pressure:40~280mmHg Pulse:30~160times/minute
*Accuracy:Pressure:+/-5mmHg Pulse:+/-5%
*Power Supply:6V DC(4*AA batteries)
*Battery Life:Approx:250times (180mmHg 1time/day)
*Working Environment:Temperature:5~40C Humidity:< 85%RH
*Storage Enviroment:Temperature:-20~60C Humidity:< 95%RH
*Environment Pressure:Atmosphere pressure
*Electric Shock Protection:Internal power unit
*Safety Classification:Type B Equipment
*Memory Capacity:2x60sets of data including date and  time
*Inflation:Automatic inflation by internal pump
*Deflation:Automatic speed deflation system controlled by internal electromagnetic valve
*Size:L135mm x W96mm x H56mm
*FDA&CE Approval


1pc/Bag+Color Box
3pcs/inner box/26.9x18.4x12.7cm